M2M Services  GPRS Intruder

M2M Services GPRS Intruder


Alarm System | GPRS Intruder and Remote Control Via a Smartphone


GPRS Solution - suitable for clients using multiple systems on multiple sites and/or those needing high levels of flexibility to cope with large numbers of people who require access to sites at different times.


  • Cost-effective solution for small monitored sites
  • Smart Enroll-self-learning zones for simple installation
  • Constantly monitored GPRS connection
  • Backup of the servers and the GSM operators
  • Events reporting to Central Monitoring Stations
  • Using smartphone to control the alarm system with mobile apps
  • Real-time notifications to the end users

Technical Specification

  • GSM/GPRS Quad-band, GPRS class 12
  • 8 programmable zones; instant, entry/exit, follow, tamper, panic, fire
  • 1 bell output and 1 programmable output (open collector 500mA)
  • Built-in RF receiver for the keyfobs with an internal or external antenna
  • Rolling code wireless keyfobs
  • Short circuit protection of the AUX


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