Giken Trastem VC-1050 Palossic AIO Sensor POE Flush Mount

Giken Trastem VC-1050 Palossic AIO Sensor POE Flush Mount


High speed accurate people counting


VC-1050 Palossic AIO Sensor POE Flush Mount, Simply, quickly and accurately count the number of people that visit your building, facility or event, using the ‘people count’ sensor ‘AIO VC-1050 by Giken’. The AIO VC-1050 is more than 95% accurate, and thus is one of the most reliable ‘people count’ sensors on the market: even during busy times.

  • Embedded type customer counting sensor
  • Camera with Processor (Combined Model)
  • Embedded Type
  • IN/OUT Max:4 count lines(8 Directions)
  • Data Output :TCP/IP, FTP, SFTP, FTPS, HTTP
  • Power Supply : PoE Injector
  • Sensor Settings : Web Based Settings
  • Installation Height : 2.3-4.2m, 4.0-6.0m (for Digital Zoom/Optional)
  • Wiring Length : Max 100m
  • Recorded Data : Stores past 30 days of data (one minute increments)



Model VC-1050
Exterior dimensions  70mm H x 120mm W
Sensor components  Camera with processor
Operating environment  Indoor / Ceiling / Area with no direct exposure to rain
Color variation  White
Installation position  Ceiling exposed mount
Installation height  2.3m - 6.0m (Higher than 4.2m : Digital Zoom/ Optional)
Image sensor  1/4inches color  MOS/Digital
Accurate telling  Over 95%
Illuminance  More than 100Lx
Supply power voltage  DC 48V (PoE: IEEE802.3af Class 0)/DC24V (DCJack)
Electricity consumption  Max 7W
Operating temperature  0°C - 50°C
Operating humidity   30 - 85% Non-condensing
Led indicator  Power and Count Monitoring
External terminals  RJ45
Count data delivery  Ethernet (FTP•SFTP•FTPS•TCP/IP)
Video image output   H.264/MPEG4 (VGA/QVGA 30/15/10fps)
Still image output  JPEG (QVGA)
Maximum wiring length   100m (109.4 yards)
IP rating  IP32
Weight  Approx. 220g, 7.76oz
Materials  ABS/PC UL94 V-O
Recorded data  Stores 30 days of data (1 min. increment)
Setup tool  Web based settings (IE)
Certifications  CE•FCC•RoHS•KCC
Coverage area  1.8m W (at 2.3m H) (7.5ft.) 4.5m W (at 3m to 4.2m H) (9.8ft. to 13.8ft.) *Approx. 4m W (at 6m H) (19.7ft.)
Counting  IN/OUT/multiple directions, leave out shadows and shopping carts
Counting area patterns  8 count patterns/multiple count lines (4 lines 8 directions)

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