Automatic Barrier

Automatic Barrier


Electromechanical Barrier for beams up to 7m


Irreversible electromechanical operator
The irreversible motor guarantees holding of the boom position to prevent break-in attempts.

Rapid conversion from right to left version
Changing the opening side is an easy task and can be carried out directly on-site.
No need to keep multiple products in stock.

Solid, sturdy body
The weather-resistant zinc-coated steel body is treated with polyester powder paint finish.

Ideal for medium transit frequency passageways and for controlling access to small or medium-size private areas and car parks.
With its flexible length up to 7 metres long and 2.5 second opening time the barrier is ideal for residential applications, condominiums and small car parks.

Manual release with spanner
Releasing the barrier is easy simply by using a spanner.

Automatic set-up through self-learning
Setting up the barrier for operation is very quick and extremely easy with the self-learning function.

Compatible with rectangular and round booms, optional indicator lights
The 617 is compatible with existing rectangular or round FAAC booms; the latter are suitable for installing lights suitable for installing integrated beam lights.

Easy installation
The large power cable routing hole, the removable side hatch and the ample operating space inside make installation easy and very fast.

Adjustable opening and closing deceleration, smooth movements
Electric limit switches and mechanical stops for adjusting the end of the opening and closing strokes ensure smooth boom movements.

Large internal space to facilitate installation and arrangement of accessories
Plenty of free space is provided inside to allow a high degree of freedom for housing accessories and for installation.

Preset logic electronics for quick, user-friendly barrier configuration
The control board has no fewer than seven preset boom operating logics to choose from. No manual parameter setting is needed.



Model 617
  3 4 6
Power supply voltage 230 V~, 50/60 Hz
Motor Asynchronous single phase
Motor rotation speed 2800 rpm 1400 rpm
Max. power (W) 315 380
Max. torque 60 Nm 100 Nm 150 Nm
Material type Steel
Type of treatment Cataphoresis anti-corrosion treatment +
Polyester powder paint
Type of deceleration Electronic and mechanic - Adjustable
Type of beam Rectangular - with skirt
Rectangular articulated - round
Operating ambient temperature -20°C ÷ +55°C
Thermal protection 140°C
Protection class IP44
Motor rotation speed 63 Kg 69 Kg
Dimension (L x D x H) 360 x 120 x
1085 mm
410 x 210 x
1085 mm
Beam max length 3 m 5 m 7 m
Opening time (90°) 2.5 s 4 s 8 s
Use frequency 50 % 50 % 60 %
Electronic equipment 615BPR


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